Deer Fence

Two or three years ago deer were becoming a problem and it was decided to erect a deer fence to deter them. Some 72 plus angle irons were purchased and we were allocated a grant from the Abingdon Council for this purpose. We receive money from them in return for running the allotment as an Association and dealing with all problems, i.e. road repairs, security. Literally everything. It has worked well.
> Somehow this fence work was never started. This year Covid 19 put paid to any work we could do in groups. Meanwhile the deer have been munching their way through and over our plots, damaging and eating crops.
> Previous estimates for outside contractors were sky high and out of our reach.  Andrew James did research recently and found a contractor, the only one to show interest, and has secured a quote of £5,975 to deer fence the whole of the West field side, the entrance gate, and a few yards up the A34 side. This does not make the site completely deer proof in one hit, but hopefully will deter future visits. The small gaps left I am sure we can”plug” ourselves. The fencing required will stretch for nearly 500 metres, and includes modification to the gate.
> After much deliberation by the committee, because of the expense, it has been decided to go ahead with this quote and have the work done as soon as possible.
> However, as our funds are in good condition at the moment, we will still be in a strong financial position to deal with other allotments aspects, ie. road repairs, security of equipment ,water supplies etc.
> We hope you will not see any more deer on our plots in the future.
> Rob Harrower
> Chairman Plot 85

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