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A Chat over the Fence

This is the page where you can have your say, get it off your chest, or just generally have a bit of banter.
Please feel free to add your comments, hints and tips, or any questions you might have, in the box below.

We also have a Facebook members-only site where you can make general comments, and also contact fellow plot-holders and show photos of your produce!

3 thoughts on “Have your say

  1. I would like to express my thanks to all those who enquired after my well-being whilst I was in hospital.
    And many thanks to those who attended my allotment during my recovery. It is much appreciated.
    The allotment community spirit is still alive and kicking and a benefit to all!!!
    Many thanks again
    John Annett

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  2. Plot 51 is riddled with Mole hills/runs in the paths and it has also uprooted Pea seedlings, Beetroot seedlings, tunnelled under courgettes, etc, etc. PLEASE how can we get rid of this little pest?! Any suggestions greatly received.


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