How to Apply for a Plot

Please consider these 5 questions first:

1. TIME – Do you have the spare time? Looking after an allotment can be (IS!!!) hard work and very time consuming.  We generally reckon that you need 6-10 hours a week especially in the spring and summer.    Do you have friends or family who could help you?

2. RESIDENT – Are you a resident of Abingdon Parish (with an OX14 postcode)?  You must be a resident to qualify for a plot under Abingdon Town Council rules.

3. LOCATION – Is the allotment fairly close to where you live? If it is too far away you may not feel like popping in to do a bit of work when you have the odd hour or two.

4. ENERGY – Do you have the energy? Your plot will probably be overgrown when you take it on and it can be hard work clearing it before you can even start planting.

5. COMMITMENT – Have you got the commitment? It may take several months to grow any fruit or vegetables. Will you be around to water them, weed your plot and harvest it over the summer or do you go away for weeks at a time? The DREADED  WEEDS don’t take holidays!

At present we have a lengthy waiting list so we may not be able to offer you a plot for a considerable time (current estimate up to 2 years).

If all of the above have not dampened your enthusiasm, then;

Please apply for a plot by emailing Alastair Lee, the Lettings Secretary, (, to ask to be put on the waiting list. Please include your name, phone number, and full address including post code so that he can check your eligibility. If you don’t use email, his phone number is 07770 636929.