General Information

Contacting a Committee Member

There is a full list of current committee members on the notice board and here along with their plot numbers. There are several committee members’ telephone numbers and the Secretary’s e-mail address listed. Should you have any problems your first step is to see if it can be resolved by a committee member on site.

Site Etiquette

Please do not go onto other members’ plots without invitation.  Should you walk around the site to see how other members do things, be prepared to be challenged if you are not known by the members.  Children are welcomed but they must be under constant supervision and under no circumstances must they be allowed away from your plots.  

Drivers must proceed at a maximum speed of 5 mph and in a manner that avoids annoyance to others and damage to the roadway.  

If you wish to park at the end of your plot then you must make space on your own plot.  Your vehicle must not obstruct any part of the track.  Please familiarise yourself with the rules.  They are not made by the Committee but by the Members of the Association.

Site Security

Over the years there have been thefts from the site with sheds being targeted.  You are therefore advised not to leave anything on site that you cannot afford to replace.  Shed locks are no protection and just result in a door being smashed in.  

The main gate must be kept locked.  Previous unauthorised entries by travellers and fly tippers have resulted in clean up bills for the farmer and Town Council.  We will be held financially liable if the entry is due to failure to keep the gate locked.


All members are covered by third party insurance whilst on their plots.  This cover extends to the named plot holder and immediate family, and anyone else invited onto the plot.


At the end of the summer the Seed Secretary will send you a seed catalogue.  We order through King’s Seeds whose prices are generally up to 30-40% cheaper than garden centres.  Purchasing through us is also of financial benefit to the Association.  Seed packs will then be distributed at the Annual General Meeting.

Plot Maintenance

If for any reason (for example health problems) you are unable to maintain your plot then please contact the Chairman or Secretary.  The site is inspected regularly and if your plot falls into neglect then your membership is at risk.  The grass paths in between the plots are part of the plot and as such are your responsibility to keep maintained.  

All new members are subject to a 3 month probationary period.  During this period we don’t expect you to produce a pristine plot but to have demonstrated a commitment to your plot.