Best Plot Competition

Each year the Mayor of Abingdon joins the Chairman and visits all of the three allotment sites in Abingdon to award Best Plot prizes. There are winner and runner up for the Best Plot and Best Half Plot on each site, and an overall best plot in Abingdon (those with *).

Year 2021Full PlotHalf Plot
WinnerPat and Tina Boyce (90)*Ignazio Ferrara (71b)
Runner-upPauline Dewhirst (107)Lucy Harvey (1a)
Year 2020Full Plot Half Plot
WinnerMelvin Nash (9b, 10a)John and Angela Naisby (80a)*
Runner-upColin and Liz Franklin (19)Lynn and Paul Barrand (76b)
Year 2019
WinnerAlex Armstrong (101)Lynn and Paul Barrand (76b)
Runner-upPat and Tina Boyce (90)if anyone knows please get in touch!
Year 2018
Winner Patrick and Tina Boyce (90)Chris Beach (14b)
Runner-upGillian Hemsley (72)John Annett (14a)
Best Overall 2016Pat and Tina Boyce (90)
2015Martin Walsh (102)
2014Pat and Tina Boyce (90)